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  • You can click 'save and continue later' throughout the process, just remember to save the hyperlink that comes up on the screen after you click the 'save and continue later' button, and enter your e-mail address and hit 'submit' to have the link sent to you via e-mail. If you don't do either of these two things, anything you submitted on the form will not be saved, at all, anywhere.
  • Since our forms are really awesome at helping small business owners provide meaningful information about their business for use on their website, we HIGHLY recommend the following to prevent loosing your work due to internet interruption, battery failure or some other scary event that would stop this form before you can hit save. If you are writing 'pure gold' for some of our questions that allow longer answers, write it in your word processing software of choice first e.g. MS Word, Notepad etc. and then copy and paste your answers into our awesome form/s. This will save you a lot of heartache later on and it will also give you a copy of your awesome answers for your own future use.
  • Client Information

  • (e.g.
  • In case a password re-set is required, this is the address that re-set information would be sent to.
  • E-mail account/s to create As the PRIMARY e-mail account/s e.g. [email protected] [email protected] Important: You can have ‘alias’ names to use, under one primary account, saving you from having to pay $5 per user account (which relates to PRIMARY ACCOUNT) to Mr Google. However, sometimes alias’ are not the right way to go. Each PRIMARY user account should be for each person required to receive e-mail.