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Crafting Your ‘About Us’ Story – Building Blocks for Bios

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  • Crafting Your 'About Us' Story - Building Blocks for Bios

  • Did you know that the ‘About Us’ page is one of the most frequented pages on a website? The second most viewed page actually!

    Consumers are becoming savvier, conducting greater research before they select who they will choose to give their business to. As a result, your ‘About Us’ page becomes a prime area to showcase your offerings, along with strategic sprinkling of key words that will boost your search engine results.

    We need your input to create engaging 'About Us' content for your website. To achieve this we’ve put together a few questions to help us learn more about the driving forces of your business; where you’ve come from and where you’re headed, what you stand for and what customers can expect when you become their provider of choice.

    We understand that as business owners it can be really difficult to look at yourself objectively or to put into words how you do what you do so awesomely. Don’t concern yourself with the wording, we help to craft it into the final content, that’s what we’re here for! We just need the answers from you so we know what magic to focus on. With a website’s ‘About Us’ page/section being the most read, only second to the home page, it’s important to spend some time on this area.

    Myth Buster….
    Most people are under the impression that their about page is about them. This really is a misconception, mainly due to it often being referred to as ‘About Us’. However, this section of your site is for how your business (even if it’s a business surrounded by or based on your personality) is going to help the readers. It’s where you and the reader converge, by showing them the benefits of your business and how it can help them with their problem/needs/goals/desires. This is the platform to show your readers where they are now and where they can be later by working with/buying from you.

    This page doesn’t have to be super long, it just needs to tell a compelling story as to why someone should choose your business for their needs.

    Consider the questions below for a moment before answering. Not all questions will be relevant to you or your business offering, just answer those that you feel would help get the message across to your potential buyers. How do you want to be portrayed online? If you get stuck let us know, we’re more than happy to schedule a time to go over these on the phone if you wish (but do have a go first, you may be surprised what you come up with). Use as much room as you need.

    1. How Many Years have you been in business?
      If you are a new business then ensure you provide some extra detail in the following questions regarding any qualifications, skills, awards, industry membership, background and community involvement.
    1. How did you get started? Why did you go into business? Where did you get the idea for your business? Or Why did you purchase this business?
      This is where you get a chance to tell visitors to your website how and why you exist—the perfect beginning to your creation story.
      • Perhaps there was an “aha” moment when you realised you might be able to turn that hobby, dream or passion into a viable business and something you hoped your customers would absolutely love.
      • Perhaps there was a major turning point/s in your life?
      • Perhaps something always made you different, stand out, but now totally makes sense because it was your ‘calling’?
      • What is about what you do/sell/offer that rocks your world?
      You can use bullet points, create a timeline, add pictures of you/your team, whatever you wish to portray to your potential future customers that might help them make the decision to choose you over your competitors.
    1. What’s your background?
      Here you can establish instant credibility by talking about your professional and personal experience as it relates to your business. E.g. list any formal qualifications/licences, yrs of experience, organisations worked with, industry memberships, background, or community involvement.
    1. What’s the story behind your products? How are they made? Designed? (For Businesses That Have Products)
      Give people a peek behind the curtain so they can get a true sense of the craftsmanship that’s involved in bringing your creations to life. This content can be incredibly powerful when helping to differentiate your small business from big brand retailers.
    1. What’s your vision for your small business?)
      It’s easy to get excited about a small business which has dreams and aspirations about where they’d like to be 5-10 years from now.
    1. What’s the most rewarding and/or memorable moment in your business so far and why?
      This gives you an opportunity to share your special take on what you do and why you do it.
    1. What is your ideal client type? What are they searching for? Who is your business ideally suited to? Also, who is your product/service not suited to?
      Use this opportunity to attract your ideal client and avoid your ‘not so favorite’ client types. For those that are interested in your business’ offerings this is where they will recognise you are for them. Just as importantly, this can be where those that will not benefit from your services/experience/product/offerings may realise they are better matched elsewhere. You’ll make a bigger impact and more money in the long run by targeting those who you serve best.
    1. Why You? BENEFIT over FEATURES
      • Why should someone choose you over your competitors?
      • How are you different from your competitors?
      • What makes your brand different?
      • What makes your products and services unique in relation to your competitors?
      • What do you offer that they don’t?
      • and Why is this good for the customer? Why should they care that you offer x, y, z, or have a, b, c experience or equipment or guarantee? What benefit is that to the potential customer?

      e.g. by offering a guarantee you offer piece of mind to the customer should anything go wrong.

      Or, by offering pick up and drop off you enable the customer to reduce inconvenience by being without their vehicle whilst they are having new tint/service/detailing.

      Or, by having batteries included in the remote control you save time and hassle from having to purchase these separately.

      Or, by having very experienced, qualified personnel you are avoiding costly errors and saving time in diagnostics because our team know what they are doing and have come across a wide range of vehicle maintenance quirks that can be quickly and efficiently solved, saving you money and time.

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