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So you’ve got a website, that will do surely?

Not so much

Ah but no, alas, Mr/Mrs Google like up to date content, so if you leave your site stagnant for ages it’s possible to get left further behind in search results, overtaken by those that do update their sites more frequently.

But not to fear, you don’t have to blog every five minutes to get the Google love.

Here’s some ideas to kick-start your efforts to stay visible online:

  1. Add in some great client testimonials you’ve received

    (oh, and before you get too carried away: NO with a capital PLEASE DON’T DO IT! – a few words such as ‘great work’ or ‘good job’ will NOT  It says absolutely nothing remarkable about your product/service offering and why someone should choose you over your competitors.  Seek to gain useful testimonials that help your potential new customers make an informed choice about why they should consider you.  But before we get carried away - that’s an article for another day).


  1. Do you have some before/during/after photos you’ve captured on your phone?

    For example:
    ::  Pictures of you/your business/team out and about in the community contributing to the community

::  Before/during/after shots with case study information

Case studies are a great way to showcase your expertise – your talents, experience, versatility and professionalism, and explain further to your potential new customers why you are the one to choose.  Remember Google - and your customers like words, information, explanations.  So take a few moments to work on the wording for the images you’ve captured on your phone and put them to good use.

You can quickly and easily turn these into valuable Case Studies – here’s how:

  1. Add a few sentences to explain the scenario/what the mission was i.e. what you needed to address/fix/improve.
  2. Elaborate on what the problems/quirks/challenges were and how you overcame them
  3. Now write a few sentences to explain what they end result was i.e. what you did and how that made a difference/impacted your customer positively.
  4. Name your photos correctly and insert ‘image name’ next to your case study wording so that your website designer will know what picture goes with which explanation (they will love you for this! – really, we will!)



  1. Do you have a comprehensive ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page?

    If not, consider adding one in to address common questions that your customers would like to find answers to long before they make contact.

FAQ’s are such an important part of your site’s helpfulness to your potential customers; they’re researching who to call/buy from, so the more initial information you can provide to them when they wish to see it (aka when they’re online looking at your website at the time of day and on the device they choose), the more likely they are to consider you as their choice of provider/supplier.


Well that’s 3 ideas to get you going.


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