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Nerdyness Affiliate Referral / Sales Role - Commission Based - Key Information

  • Nerdyness Affiliate Referral / Sales Role - Commission Based - Key Information

    Our Vision:

    To provide quality, cost effective, well designed, mobile optimised static and e-commerce websites to small business owners that are looking to attract more clients for their business.

    What we want our customers to say about us:

    ‘We’re so glad we used Nerdyness for our website development, we wouldn’t have got it done without their help and support. We’re really proud of our site and appreciated the help and expertise Nerdyness offered for content, layout and functionality; they were responsive to our requests, patience, and our site is lovely.’

    Goal of the Referral Process: To provide qualified leads that Nerdyness will close


    • There is no requirement to provide complete sales and service
    • There is no cold calling required or ongoing client relationship management required, we’re just after warm/hot leads
    • The commissions are fair, healthy and sustainable based upon the margin and volume for our services
    • Commission is 20% of ex gst price of the website design. Bonuses on top of this are available where sales exceed 25 or more websites per annum; one bonus per 25 site sales. The bonus will be a free Concierge Website Design ‘Gold Package’ for you to offer to a client of your choice/as a sale/promotional item. e.g. where sales equal 50 pa, two bonus Gold Packages are provided, and so on.
    • Paid fortnightly in the same timing as the client pays Nerdyness, commissions are paid only once Nerdyness receives the payment, and not before. For sales where payment terms are offered to the client the payment timing will be as follows: if the client pays a deposit then monthly site development payments, commission on the deposit amount will be paid a fortnight after the deposit is received by Nerdyness; commission on the monthly site development installments will be paid a fortnight after each has been received by Nerdyness.
    • Commissions are payable in the same currency as received, e.g. for a site paid for using Bartercard Trade Dollars, commissions will be paid in Bartercard Trade Dollars. For sites paid for using cash (EFT) AUD, commissions will be paid in cash (EFT) AUD. Note - we are not actively seeking Bartercard referrals at this time, as we are quite booked up with them already.
    • Commissions are not applicable to support/care plans subscriptions or any other services that may be cross-sold.
    • A tax invoice is to be generated for Nerdyness to process, Nerdyness will advise each fortnight how much commission is payable, upon which Nerdyness shall receive a tax invoice to pay.
    • Nerdyness will communicate promptly if any changes occur in the pricing of website design services.

    Our Expectations:

    This is an affiliate type arrangement, so there is no pressure to sell anything, we see this as an extra feather in your cap as you’re coming across many business owners with a similar goal for increasing their customers through their online presence, whilst both our businesses services complement each other and are congruent with our ideal client’s goals. However, we’re super pleased to offer a generous commission/finder’s fee for warm leads that we convert into customers, so that it’s worthwhile more actively pursuing leads for us, helping us to achieve our goal of increasing our customer base, whilst being professionally represented when being offered up as a good fit for a potential client, and to be handed qualified, warm leads that are expecting a call from us to discuss their website needs further.


    We do respond promptly to voice messages and e-mails. E-mails are often able to be responded to more swiftly as we can sometimes be conducting client training and coaching.

    Contact Details:
    Rose Weaver
    E: [email protected]
    M: 0407 736 124

    How to pass the lead:

    We will provide you with a unique url to our Lead Capturing Google Form, which will have the below required fields. Simply complete the details as thoroughly as possible and we’ll take it from there. We aim to make contact within one business day of receiving a lead.

    If you need to relay more insight but it would be difficult to do so via written communication, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss the lead further.

    Lead Capture Fields:

    1. Name:
    2. Business Name:
    3. Phone:
    4. E-mail:
    5. Location:
    6. Type of business: (if it’s not obvious from the name)
    7. Does the prospect have an existing website:
      And if yes, why are they wanting to upgrade (e.g. they know they need a mobile optimised one, or theirs is currently broken, or they just want a better one, etc.)
    8. Are they expecting a call from us?
      (If not, then we do not consider this a lead. To be genuine leads, our services are to have been mentioned and that they can expect a call from us to discuss their online presence needs).
    9. Any other information that would be helpful:

    What we’ll do when we receive the lead:

    We aim to make contact within one business day of receiving a lead.

    We’ll update our lead tracking sheet (the collated results of Google Form entries), which will include the result of our contact with them. We’ll be leaving this in a simplified form such as:

    Won = Going ahead with our website design services – we then initiate the Happy Dance and add them to our list to track for payment and commission notification to you for associated invoicing and payment

    Lost = Not going ahead – we’ll provide regular feedback on these so that we can identify any trends/areas for improvement

    Later = Spoken to the prospect, they are interested but want us to contact back again later in the year – we’ll follow-up later and update the tracking sheet accordingly when their status changes

    Pending = In one of the various stages below:

    • Left message – we’ll continue to follow-up accordingly, to a point, then will advise if they don’t make contact after multiple attempts.
    • Appointment to meet has been set but not yet held
    • Pending any action/contact from us

    How we’re different and our ‘Ideal Client’ Profile:

    Our clients are small business owners that are looking to increase their revenue by attracting more customers. Our services are suited to those that may need assistance/guidance and support to achieve the online presence that they know they need to get greater results in their business.

    Our website (www.nerdyness.com.au) has further information on why we’re different, which is key to what we want to convey; i.e. we are experienced in sales and marketing, content writing, making matches of services/products and providers using words and images, training business owners on how to update the site themselves (if they wish to do so, or we can update it for them on an ongoing basis).

    Our approach involves respecting that they are a professional business owner in their own right, with skills and experience in their field that need showcasing to more of their ideal clients and we’re committed to helping them to do just that, in a comfortable and supportive way. A lot of people are confused/frustrated/unfamiliar with technology/the online world and this is where we shine; we make the process comfortable, easy and even fun along the way, so that they can finally get the online presence they’ve always wanted, which showcases their unique offerings to their ideal clients more effectively and drives more business to them.

    Some more ‘Ideal Client’ specifics:

    • A small business owner that does not have a website at all and is looking to grow their business by having more customers find them, consider them and choose them.
    • A small business owner that has a website which is not mobile optimised, and they are looking to grow their business by having more customers find them, consider them and choose them.
    • A small business owner that is looking to have a new or updated e-commerce website that sells products online and is looking for a developer that knows the ins and outs of e-commerce and can guide them along the way to a solution that suits their business’ unique offerings.

    Who our services are not suited to:

    Typically, a website design firm might say we’re not targeting anyone who does not value the huge difference/impact a professionally designed and populated website can make for a business. However, that said, we do have a ‘budget’ option for websites which is ideal for those that just want an online presence and do not want content writing, additional optimisation, training, support, guidance and such. We can work with these clients in a way that is beneficial for their bottom line and our business model as we have streamlined the process and cut out some functionality, size and labour intense features. We will, however, still advise them of the difference between a more content-rich site and the greater results it could bring, helping them make an informed choice, but at least we can help them get an online presence that’s mobile optimised, that they can build upon later should their budget, time available, or intentions change in the future. We have branded this differently and called it ‘BYO Content’, using different logos and e-mail accounts and branded quoting docs to ensure clients realise that it’s the budget option, not the deluxe/concierge package, so that there is no confusion in service delivery and expectations.

    So that leaves the question, who are our services not suited to. To be blunt, our services are not suited to buttheads. We like our clients, we like to like our clients. We want nice people, no buttheads. So there you go.


    We can take on clients Australia-wide. For those in the Fraser Coast or Sunshine Coast region I visit clients regularly (depending on package chosen – this does not apply for any BYO Content website leads, although if they are Fraser Coast then I can meet with them face to face).

    We have many clients that are remote, that we haven’t even met yet. So distance isn’t an issue, we have phones, e-mail, Skype, TeamViewer software, all of which help get the job done whilst creating a supportive environment for our clients.

    Timeframes and our capacity to deliver:

    As a general rule, we advise all of our clients we take 5-7 weeks from when we receive the LAST piece of information we require. Not 5-7 weeks from inception of the idea, or our first cuppa with the client, it’s from when we receive everything we need. Naturally we get them done much sooner than this, however we clearly tell our clients that we would much rather set these expectations and pleasantly surprise them should we be able to produce the site sooner, rather than quote lesser timeframes and potentially disappoint them if these were not met for whatever reason.

    With our BYO Content offerings, we have some strict timelines that they need to adhere to, to receive any offered bonuses, and to avoid any delays and penalty fees. These relate to providing content, and advising of edits.

    With our Nerdyness offerings, we have some timeframes in place regarding providing content and advising of edits, along with a concierge facility to help our clients provide this content sooner and with less stress – introducing our ‘Progress Coordinator’ – more on that role later. These timeframes relate to potential production delays and fees that may be incurred if sites become dormant/idle and require reactivating.

    We are looking forward to working closely with you for a mutually beneficial referral relationship, to help our clients achieve their goals of attracting more of their ideal clients to their door, increasing their business success and lifestyle goals. If there is any feedback along the way that can help us work more closely with you, please don’t hesitate to reach out as I’m very committed to making this a worthwhile, enjoyable partnership for us all.

    Yours in Nerdyness, Rose Weaver / Productivity Specialist & Creative Nerd
    [email protected] / 0407 736 124

    Nerdyness Pty Ltd https://www.nerdyness.com.au
    PO Box 1426, HERVEY BAY QLD 4655ABN: 53 606 764 103

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