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Office Taskers

Office Taskers

I did not have a website for my business and my main frustration was that I was spending too much money and endless amounts of time trying to create the website myself, and it wasn’t looking very good.

Now I’m pleased to say:

  1. I have an easy to follow, lovely website, which customers like.
  2. The website is very professional looking yet has a friendly, approachable feel to it.
  3. My customers find the site easy to use.

Having started a new business, I couldn’t be any happier with the way my new site turned out, I just love it! My experience with Rose and the Nerdyness team was second to none. When I first met with Rose to discuss the project, I was feeling slightly nervous and didn’t feel that I had enough content to make a site worthwhile. Rose was able to garner enough information from my notes and mumblings and turned them into a modern and incredibly attractive site. It has been my pleasure to recommend Rose and the Nerdyness team to others looking for a new site or update of an existing one.

Anne Rasmussen

Office Taskers

We’ve really enjoyed being a part of the whole journey for the branding of Office Taskers, from colour and font selection to logo creation, professional business e-mail account creation to e-mail signature design, and training in Google’s full GSuite of online applications to, of course, a fabulous website that details the key services that Office Taskers offer and how they stand out from other providers of Virtual Assistant services. Whilst helping to define the aspects of work that Office Taskers can assist with and how that translates to tangible benefits to small business owners, we managed to consume several cups of tea and coffee, and really understand how much workload, time, and energy utilising Office Taskers could save us. So, what started out as a normal awesome website design and consulting mission ended up in us hiring Anne from Office Taskers to help us with some of our key administrative aspects within Nerdyness. We’ve not looked back since. Anne is an integral part of our success, helping us to obtain key content from our clients as well as coordinate sub tasks and take care of general administration duties.

So if you’re overloaded, overwhelmed and under-resourced, I’d highly recommend giving Anne from Office Taskers a buzz to help take your ‘To Do’ tasks To ‘Done’. P.s. our favourite parts of this beautiful website are the images used throughout, they match the core message of taking small business owners from overwhelm to on top of things, from frustration to focus and momentum. Actually, Anne’s site has one of my all-time favourite images on the ‘About‘ page, I want her tidy office and good hair day! Or maybe it’s because that’s what we feel inside when we launch a fantastic new website for one of our clients, live out into the online world, giving them more capacity to be found, considered and CHOSEN by their ideal clients.


Office Taskers Mockup
Office Taskers mockup